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Project Description

pv provides a simple Python API to monitor and control some photovoltaic inverters via RS-232.

pv was developed specifically for the Carbon Management Solutions CMS-2000 inverter, and is expected to work for the Solar Energy Australia Orion inverter since they are essentially the same device with a different badge. The communication protocol was based on examining the data exchange between the inverter device and the official Pro Control monitoring software for the Orion inverter, and the SunEzy Control Software.

Compatible inverters:
Since version 0.2, pv includes a component to simplifies the use of PVOutput web service for storing and displaying the power generation data.

Getting the source

View the source code:
Clone the Mercurial repository: hg clone

Inverter communication protocol

The communication protocol between the client monitoring application and the PV interver is not completely understood. If you have an inverter system that this library doesn't support, you can help make it work.


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